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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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r >>teeporodr: treay cerws we in getteig thuir eqrepment adyd anngstartiea to trt areaad ros. arof pcutir lanccon ere arwepor ta oufrges inom wstd gu hs asigh 5mas opd peerle woce st ukingp,le g avine storveshelres ba as deresiprnts edeparbe to we snodin d forays. t'>> ie s th wsameouay ypa prerefo nar a l turastdisarer oar ddmageon. he >> ty'unve r o outnif orgac otcarrchs, whia is ibterrleth ing. 'rtheynne ruouing lt ofanots d olotsgsf thin. ep >> r dorter:po.c. clicehief ca lathy unier prgedtoeople st e ay homheonce t s stormtarts.>> donak't tise thrm sto forgr d.ante is th36 is rs houa of rmajo m.stor>> or rep ater: wretae inlkgli -dfe-andoteath palentim froth rmis sto? bs >> aeloluty. or>> reposter: mhet of tls schoo he in tio regcln are osedto owmorrt , budithe ctstri44's 5tr auckslond ps ws a awells ,0 39on00 t ss ofaralt ade rey toba lett s thetorm. hr >> ckrista: anis, thyks vermu ch. itwell, be will tl a bate to el travro tomorhew on t, roads s railinand a their.
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r >>teeporarr: marge vs re ioneof an thousdspe of woplehoth t ough wtheygeere g ttinoutah ofead s the.torm washe pps suo osed ttofly the ca earibbmon to frrow tor awo- ek weat vacion. he>> tsty jud sailochartteai t rporlois ctosed th oe goesn.ur plawe e havomto c we upa ith new .plan r >>teeporo r: srefar mo than 0 1,00htflighes scd duleforid fr haybeave ceen canled. l at eeast might aajorneirli ie carre rs hav tissuedravel er waivows, allpaing gessenrs lihave ft ghts a0 over 5orairpts to eb rk ood anoiavged gttinst oruck rg cha ced ae hangfee. ad philiaelpher intonnatis al ino ngstraero teltravht nigs.mare ou ths sandagof bres wepl misacedno r afteiza bl izard07n 20. it kernh bes ie itydepuec dirtor o oftiperaons.>> re we'pa prefored e r tht.wors ep>> rr:orteni bertee's asam hei snght elow m tterscahat ltn me 25ns0 tosn of veow eoury hr. c>> ideonsi ar ity verpcheain ncsuralie pocy. hawe'll plve peo.e herewe s'll be utaffedrep and toady go.>> te reporidr: insine termal d t tonighlaat phia'delphis t,airpor v it iserery, vt.y quieme
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ht fligr s in oout ofil t,d scotam the sene sc iariospe ex actedhet otorr airpts, ud inclaging reioan natinnal , d.c. idullesinn virgia and im baltwaore-gtshinon inma .ryland>> y: pelle, davidksthan. fericisisher hi our cef te meogorol tist at chebson statiwb ic?>> te reporttr: scost, the isorm re usally jart st ttingo getar geaced up heross tso deep uthre hein, diggtog inis louianawe d 've hao tornadgswarnin in ofparts ss missigaippi, gtherina tlot oflfhat guur moiste. ithen it runse nto thcold. rdblizzaes watchnc out ilude ofparts or new y ak citylls we p ashilly. bl rdizzang warnials in btimorean , d d.c.huand a a ge areunder er wintrm sto wniar vngs, aery oa br td areawihat oll seene totw o-fonoot sws. dewe're inepenayg fridht nig, ngarrivin iwaonshingt, , e thg evenin ihours,nento rkw yo b citysay ayturdng gd just srazingn outhernew an engle d as wnthead irdo satuaygh nit. n so i bdarknelue, oo- to twfootsn alow totris coveugng a h e area. t righ lnow itkeook lio six t12 es inchw in nepryork, tobablyheto fughestt orecas tacross he
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t 18n o 24 anat is to hisleric orvel stm. tand 18n o 24 ie,roanok in tt justw,he snoe but walsoha igve a scanificent i t stormode h,al witia espec nlly inorthca , rolina sand,, cottrsof coue, nghavi i a bigonmpact dailyfe lian, a ch pce forutower oage,fe sobut alch watthing e fimpactorth f.e n.hac. chimpionsp inar che lotteethis wndke. el >> priley: ehac, tounk bere isg reakinonnews tight fin theatlint wrger emeency.e th' regiol ni admitostrao r whcovers ig michsian, rehigned tins eveng. so alsi prebadent os ma saythe e statavwill hmie $80 inllion fe l deras fundexby nekt we. inflhat tes staremd a chical es proc is thats t hopewill enevaltulyto sthp ade let tha s haonpoistsed ier 1 leasthi00 cn ldreshow eveledatea lind he todir blo,ic whcah can mause dathge to e brain. a adrianasdiaz hlo been okingto inhi how tens happ hed andow cithe ntty i tendst o gelethe adt. ou i >> t hadt o pu ainho srwe
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ep>> rr:orte o thegeutraco uentinr s fot flinderesint redesiele a e's lesinghe motapr trinped a hehome s s can'tcaell beuse ofe th eleadcymergen.>> d howu o yoitdeal wh owknglinisy poinonurg yoselfca beatuse th t's alls here i to drink? ep >> rr:ortent flili is mkeyan icameritan cwiies eath lped pis hein tatir wyser sm.te ua ushally ssrmlemi che acalsre de ad td toathe w terprhat totecth pee pioms frro cor, sioninbut 14 20in, fliet tr sd toavnee moyby tc swi fhingm rotrdet'ois r wateemsystdr to g awinrwatefr heom tnt flier de city aid nothedd tot pr cectivecahemisols, the plead sipesedtartin comarg apt. w >> faterr!ilte r >>teeportar: s otefflsicia say e thr watebecan e mad bsafey g usinilhome fheters tna natiol ar gu hd isngandi. outwi ll e youtrver thust re watemi cohrng t tough phese?ipes ot>> nil untar they ple reaced. ve >> er? p >>blrobat.y no ep>> r torter:nthose ai-rr cochosion alemice s arnback i s flint' awater,icnd offayials s e thwipipes l ll heaheover t
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pu but eablic hexlth s pertwe'velk tasaed to ony the tly wayoma urke se e thr wateeais leed-fr o is tacreplose thpee pis. pr the isoblem ou, it ce ld taka tdecadeaco replate the least 00 15,0pi lead thpes onat cnect ty cier watns maiho to mes.>> d lea pis an.oisoit n's atoeuroxin.>> te reporrtr: mafmin kauanud stbaies urdrn hyy ologat the siunivermity of anchignt fli.he ch's in f arge oefa new fort m toheap ty' cit ps leadipe ne k.tworwh inat kd erof und wtakingould e it blato rep lce thepeead pisin it the cy?>> wo it beuld ve massi. lyou'rengookiov at 10er $0 ll miion. 'v weene bele negg ctinour asinfrtutrucorre flo so nng i is thnt couhary t gt it'sooing t ke taar a pm adigt shifetto g op pethle to ink whabout at i d wouleacall rlal homendse tycuri. r >>teeporhir: t ws is therehe ob prstlem d,artent fliat's wer tmtreaceent .nter 's it c notnturreoply in n,eratio cobut, s ctt, iteoould rpen in hejune winn flnnt coo ects ta pi new bpeline tetweenithe cy la and urke hon.>> le peldry: aiaiana dz
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triana,s.hankwe dll, 11toays a iowwand neha irmpshste juht eigs dayrafte at th. bmpaignnieginitng wnch na yes cord. nc nay? or>> repcoter: sthtt, rme foer cr seofetary , stateyhillarcl n,intot wenr afteiebern er sandmas' comn-nder-ifchie ticredentoals cday,ngalli him fonaive inr want ng toliormaze onrelati is with aran,hend s ai cl lms themeong-tima lawker ha 'tsnho thtugis hde i oasn omdiplthacy rough. en>> s satorrsandesn doeal't tkry veuc mh foabout poreign licy,bu ht when, e doesseit rais n.concer>> te reporner: in mpw hae,shirsa chnders edallengnt clinon oen entitlemts. w >> ae have dnotherncifferee ofin oponion ia socril secuty. li i bee evweul shopad exnd ne be.fits et>> gry eve ybodynoou kw to ocomendut acu caur s fome,ok ay? k thanyou. r>>epr:orteh wit 1justys1 da g tooto, bmph cas aignaretu g rninr theintattetoion outurnt. d >>u o yo wknowcahat atndide llyou'su be tipporng?be ?rnieaw
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'sthatll reaody gohe to ar. a >>oure yks folne sig?d in r >>teeport r: aina clevton ent,ev suery teppors r wad asketo si pgn ae ledgotto ve. me jalls foupows h witona ph ell ca. n >> iprour ctecinha we ove t 2haveup50 serports.we wo're g rkinhaon t0 t 25trigh now. e we' we xaow e wctly hoey th. are r >>teeporo r: sreyou' nowtr tyingnvo co tince hede undscide.u' yousre jkit ma sngyoure ur sursortee? vot el>> wf l, igsthin h getot, e thoslepeopl wil ushowp. ep>> rorr:te'm ior majtt garrein am new h wpshireedhere tz crure d sponde6 to 199 ng.o.p.ominee dobob leec's dralahation tt od "nobkey lim"s hiha and tt na doruld toump corld wttk beerwi onth cs.gres>> as if ot a vouer ynk thit wha eewe n md isreore icpublinans inwash tgtont o cuala deh wit wha rerry ndid acy nanos peldi an k chucmeschuher, tgun i ess na doruld ts mp i gyouruy.>> or repr:teru t, mpmpcagnaiing l inegas vanas, edswerz. cru r >>d onalanreagld wou a getlong th wi o tipl,'nei t andd hey'sit
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err evy.ybodth wat'sthhat tre couny bois aut al reisly, itn't ? u yoowkn? r >>teeporacr: b nk inew hairmpshn e, joh mkasichhet wit ai campungn vols teertoand ld ushe n 's ingstrote conn ntioforco secend u n yohewin re? m >> wayben e ca bwin,haut wt's rt impoisant t tharei can move ub doomt frpl peo, e thatahye,th uyis g h who bas theest , resumethmaybe e most riexped,enceno you keaw, i hr ulthe adt inoo the r am, has an chbece to i heardn the trcouny. ep >> r korter:alasich ssodhareth aris hlid pol ticah:trut wpeople bant to ae withr, winnebu dt they won'ttoant a make wi nner.ot scict, kasadh edmittll he wi o have t tchangenahat dyremic he hoor go me.>> y: pelle g major,arrettth anks. f much o wwhatowe kn about ci atroomties c bmitted iy isisnir ndaq aia syr f comesromco eocouragizus citmeens ard with tp avey hmee becoal journists, no but eyw thbe're rging taetedby
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edllowe ," h.said ut "bee i n sd toaltay kive,eeptt gething oe word nut and ot i givesin to is."ba asshra ks hmar ieknow seing umasyleu in bropetiut sanll c't g brinrsheelrif to bng heryo stungegh dauanter tissahathe r thfa iernes go.>> te reporamr: mohssmed maaraft ley turkeeryestd day analso se now g ekinumasyleu in pero,bu ttt, sco t, heusold thatot tiher acfrvists heom tup gro iremaine nsid rraqqa,iskingat deeph to ronort t whasisis iin do tg to cheirity. p >>y:ellely holam willisre g portinghtoniomt frbu istanl.ho tlly,nkha y.ouin n theweorththst, eey'r pr arepg inr founa d diimvladinir putav ha e rival on poised?d
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hai rtve heaburn. -salka heltzereart burn chreliefews. y enjolithe reef. >> y: pellene i've rgver fonotteth ene sc01e in 2ch1 of sool enchildrro who dn wned isjapan' rocatastsuphic t.nami fo i thund dieir boa es in adey hn beeteevacuaed ther e becaus tit waslehe talst ct struuture, bea not nllrly taen ough. towell, tday inrihe amecan hw nortomest, cesmuniti are ngdebatihe how tli save omves fr laa simiamr tsunr i afteanea uarthqt ke thaveis ordue. hldon daorer repts.>> rteeporurr: dthing eirre r gulauaearthqke asund tnami , drillstsstudenth at isel taemenchry sinool tp wesort, inwash, gtontipracoice gong t e thootop flutr, bh witthe fipacin c ocea ajust few ou th fsandaweet scay, isientts sa y esthdre lsilig m bhtefu .tilebe e causinthe abevitsule tnamico beuld he hig tr thanoohe schl.>> on as soe as thh eartesshak,
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edshkw bacliard ske agprinun evtil alentuftly a fer aew nd huyered itars t justohas letgo . r >>teepororr: fye 25 ars, soregon gtategieoloisst chr figold hngeraras wofned the po ilssibofity as dister. nd he a s otherstcientis havebe olen cg lectinamcore sfples o ntsedimeth from eae ocr.n floo he >> td se san tlayersuhat yo n casee e arelwe b pieveast hqearts.uake r >>teepory r: thescdiedover mthat eajorakarthqupees hapnre heer an av eage of40very 2 s.yeare thajlast mcaor casdiart ea whquake yas 315goears a. bithe e,g onen scis tist isay, ser ovdue. n >>ngothit thaarcompoes tma udgnitnee nith eare quakthat rt noerh amhaica pes exceriend in n humaorhisty. ep>> ror ster:arimilwh to at enhappn ed in,japaa femes tis matehain tset casu a tnamico hiuld met soas arehi witn 15mi s.nuteco sellapadd rod s angebrids ul cot d cucooff l astas townand jo matir ciikes lrte po,landol
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instrandveg selln mipeion ople. t >> rhesereoads ad. in re t isbehat e caus ctheyould ei concbevably ac impd ted annotbe sa pasble? a>>utbsolely.>> or rep kter:thenne my urphis 'sfemaio regadnal stminir.rato f isa emrefoady e r thonbig e?>> ld i wou s neveraray we ere ady. ep>> r worter:thhat's e bestca cese so nari8.for 0? a >>t t leas-p10,000kilus lled tfromnahe tsumi.>> or rep tter:behe numo rs gwayup 9. with 0? he >> t ty gondremey ouslup.we lk're tambing nuthers sat thiti na non i'me ot surpais prered ea to d.l with or>> repomter: sese citie in th esnorthwirt requw e nedibuilngsbe ru consto cted tanwithstd a eamajor kerthquamo, but st of e thosonlaws dpp't ahely t olderil budings. ot scedt, fsteral, anate d ta miliffry o dicialsy o sathey eshave rplponse pans in.lace le>> pel dy: donr,ahle tnkhas.xt nefe, a fmaleirst. yay! cothe templean baltrced nuition
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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